Hello to everybody!
My name is Yanny (my real name is a little bit different), I am 23 years old and I am from Russia, Moscow. I would like to find a pen pall from England (native English speaker) who studies Russian, and we could communicate by e-mail to practise and improve you Russian and me English. The matter is that I am a last-year student of a linguistic university, I am also a teacher of the English language in this university, and my aim is to find an English native speaker also for professional sake. That's why I am very interested in a person who studies Russian on the advanced level (for whom Russian is a profession, like English for me). We could both just to talk and help each other with some professional difficulties.
I hope that we'll find each other soon!
Thanks to everybody who will write to me.
I am sorry for any mistakes in my message.
Good bye!