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Thread: im looking for a russian woman for marige

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    im looking for a russian woman for marige

    hi im 38 years old im looking for a 100 procent serrius woman with a good heart it is verry importen you are 100 procent stabile becaurse im looking for a russian woman for marige your age 21-37 years old my hobbis are music travel animals nature :?: :)

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    Is this really legal?
    blame Canada

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    Oh, goodness. I suppose this is what Russian_Devushka was talking about. Мои извинения, русская девушка, мы все не такие.

    @Kamion: As legal as any other "singles" ad, I suppose.

    @Lars: This is a pen-pals section of a forum for learning Russian, and as such, I doubt you will find anyone by posting here. There are plenty of websites that would be better suited to your interests. However, if you are interested in learning Russian or have questions about Russia, this forum is a good place to ask.

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    Oh baby, I'm so sad that I'm not a Russian woman. Otherwise you could marry me. I'm so attracted to guys with terrible spelling and grammar who wants to wed random foreign chicks off the internet. Too bad you and I can never be.

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