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Thread: Danish language

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    Re: Danish language

    Thanks TranslationsNMRU!
    Actually, I want the text in parallel Russian and Swedish. I won't be reading the book because of the literary qualities or because of the plot... Am a bit too old for that, lol.... It's purely for learning.

    Parallel RU-SWE books exist, but it tends to be serious literature. I want something easy, reasonably contemporary and that uses lots of basic everyday words. That narrows down the options quite a bit.

    So I decided to check how I'll do with Karlsson and one of Akunin's books.

    The Akunin books exist in Swedish, but not electronically for download, I think. I BOUGHT the book in English actually, electronic copy. However I am finding that I can't copy the text into Word as I want. The file is completely locked down with copyright protection and my best efforts at cracking it have failed, so far.

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    Re: Danish language

    Сегодня ходил в театр на "Малыш и Карлсон, который живет на крыше".
    Возник вопрос о месте ударения в именах сестры Малыша, а также имен жуликов.

    У меня книге проставлено Бе́тан, а в театре произносили Бета́н.
    Как же правильно?

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