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Thread: British "property" vs. "realty" or "

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    British "property" vs. "realty" or "

    Any one Brit here? And does he/she knows property terms?
    Of course, I know, I'm asking too much, but I need to translate some pages for a realty agency and they said they are oriented on the British audience so I am supposed to use "English English" words, spelling and so on. They said, by the way, that in Britain they don't like the term "real estate" or "realty" when they speak about houses, buildings, plots and so on, and prefer "property" instead. Is it really so? Should I write "property in Spain" or "realty in Spain" or what?

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    They're quite right. Say 'property in Spain'. 'Realty' is just not a term we use, nor is 'real estate'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joysof
    They're quite right. Say 'property in Spain'. 'Realty' is just not a term we use, nor is 'real estate'.
    So is in Australia. Although 'real estate' is more or less common, too. E.g. 'Real estate agency'.
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