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Thread: road transport

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    road transport

    Could someone please take a quick look and check for mistakes the following text??? Thank you in advance.

    Road transport is one of the transport branches, in which goods and passengers relocate by land. One of the greatest advantages of road transport is the possibility of getting the goods or passengers directly to their destination. As far as the disadvantages are concerned, it has a very harmful influence on the natural environment. Road transport is one of the most important transport branches.
    The division of road transport:
    according to the business criterion, we distinguish paid and unpaid transport. Another criterion taken into account, is the territorial one, where we subdivide road transport into national and international. The former means only vehicles registered in Poland may be used and what is more, the route must not be outside Poland, whereas the latter may involve other countries on the route.
    It is possible to divide infrastructure of road transport into linear infrastructure, that is roads, or punctual infrastructure, for example bus stops, reloading points, parking lots, gas stations etc. Additionally, we may also distinguish public and unpublic roads.
    There are three criteria of subdivision of the public roads:
    1.The functional criterion
    2.The availability criterion
    express roads
    generally available roads
    3.The technical qualification criterion
    Class I – motorways, international roads
    Class II – major roads solely for cars
    Class III – single carriageways
    Class IV – regional roads
    Class V – local roads
    The most basic division of means of transport include vehicles designed for passengers and those for goods. We cal also distinguish vehicles adjusted to transporting both, passengers and goods.
    Means of transport for passengers can be subdivided into individual (bikes, motorbikes, cars) and collective (buses, coaches). Taxis play a very peculiar role amongst the individual means of transport. In big cities, one purpose of buses is to reduce the harmful influence on natural environment by gathering as many people as it is possible in one vehicle.
    As far as the means of transport for goods are concerned, we distinguish delivery vans, lorries and tractors.

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    Re: road transport

    Very good, there's just a typo in "We cal also distinguish..." and 'unpublic' roads are called private roads.

    Спасибо за исправления!

    Вам нравится этот форум, и вы изучаете немецкий язык? Вот похожий форум о немецком языке.

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    Re: road transport

    thanks a bunch, you're a star!

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