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Thread: Visit to St Petersburg

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    Visit to St Petersburg

    I am visiting the beautiful city of St Petersburg at the end of next month and was wondering if it had either a poetry or modern jive scene. I love dancing jive (a mixture of salsa and 1930s jive) and it is very popular here in England. I tried to learn Lindy hop from a Lithuanian teacher, but it is all about fairly pointless footwork steps. The beauty of modern jive is that it is all about upper body movements and every dancer can improvise their own moves. I would be happy to teach someone basic moves if there is a venue in St Petersburg that plays music in 4/4 time. I am sure Modern (French) jive could take off in Russia if someone could take it on.


    Robin Chater
    Newbury, UK

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    Re: Visit to St Petersburg

    When is a good time to visit the summer gardens in St Petersburg? I am hoping to visit St Petersburg in April and would like to see the summer gardens. I have heard that in the winter many of the statues are boarded up, will this still be the case at this time of year? Thanks

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    Re: Visit to St Petersburg

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    Re: Visit to St Petersburg

    The Summer Garden in St.Petersburg will be completely SHUT DOWN for 2 years for a grand and spectacular makeover. The work will start sometime this year, so you may not be able to see it at all in 2010...

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