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Thread: SSummer Camp volunteer, also to improve my Russian

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    SSummer Camp volunteer, also to improve my Russian


    I have been studying Russian for some time, and I would like to go to Russia as a Summer camp volunteer this Summer, knowing that the best way to learn a language is talking with children. I have quite some experience working with children and young people, and I am also fully licensed to teach English. I also heard that Summer camp counselors who are also language instructors are very much wanted in Russia.
    Only: it seems so difficult to get into contact with mediating Russian organisations. I tried Info Digest ( Very nice website, but wrong e-mail addresses etc. I had to make seeveral phonecalls (half English, half Russian, very difficult communication) to get the right e-mail address to send in my application. After quite some instigation I got a brief reply, that they would contact me as soon as they had found a place for me. But that is already 2 months ago!
    Perhaps someone has a better contact address? I am only interested in a Black Sea camp, and I can stay 3, max. 4 weeks. And, which is important for me, it should not be a camp where language teachers are only allowed to speak their own language. I should be able to participate in camp life, and speak Russian as well as English with the children.

    If you know some interesting addresses, many thanks in advance!
    Rudy Vanhalewyn

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    Re: SSummer Camp volunteer, also to improve my Russian

    I made a brief search and found a couple of summer camps in Crimea that provide English classes for kids. I don't know if the info they give on their sites is valid, but I hope it helps.

    “DEC - CAMP”
    This one probably is not your best option. It seems that everyone is supposed to speak English only. But you can check it anyways. Seems like a cool camp.

    Location: Yevpatoria (
    +38 (066) 310-48-53
    skype: dec_camp

    Summer camp "Haglar"
    From what I could gather, they usually hire Russian speaking camp leaders (who look after children and engage them in different activities). But since it's a language learning camp it's possible that they are not opposed to the idea of hiring an English speaker who knows a little Russian. There's also a possibility that they need more English teachers.
    Kids are mostly from St.-Petersburg and Moscow.

    Location: Saki (
    phone in St.Petersburg: 233-14-76
    You can send you resume and/or questions to

    (I'd advise you to start your email with a few phrases in Russian, explaining briefly your problem, in case a person who reads these emails does not know any English).

    To sum it up, it might be a good idea to look for places that could be interested in inviting or hiring you directly. Mediators are slow and unreliable.
    Good luck ~

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    Re: SSummer Camp volunteer, also to improve my Russian

    Thank you very much, I'll think it over!

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