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Thread: Cost of Living in St. Petersburg

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    Cost of Living in St. Petersburg

    Здравствуйте, друзья! I've been floating around these forums on and off for a bit, but only now have gotten around to posting.

    I'm considering studying Russian in Russia later this year and into next, for between 6 and 9 months, most likely. Regardless of what particular school I choose (I'm favoring the SPSU, both for cost and respectability), I'm planning on staying with a host family to maximize my experience; as I see it, I've got only so much time, and I want to get as much Russian as I can out of it. The programs generally provide two meals a day with the host family.

    With that in mind, what would the likely rough costs of living in St. Petersburg? I found a survey which cited it as more expensive than New York; I find that a bit difficult to believe, but if so, let me know. Just for daily lunch, entertainment, culture, that sorta thing. Advice on saving money would be appreciated as well.

    (I know there's another cost of living thread, but it's a few years old, so I'm hoping for more up to date information.)

    Thanks all!

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    Re: Cost of Living in St. Petersburg

    Hello dear unknown friend
    it's a shame actually that nobody of 17 people who had read your post ever replied..
    well, i am from Moscow, but could give you some ideas re costs and expences:
    1) it's always better to buy goods at local supermarket and eat at home
    1.1. when i am in the city business lunch (cheapest solution) makes 250-350 rubbles
    (divide all by 36, i think it'll be correct at a time)
    1.2. if in non lunch time, same will be a. 500 rubbles (salad, soup, main course)
    1.3. milk 1litre is 34-50 rubbles
    corn flakes a. 100 rubbles for 1 kg
    cheapest apples 40 rubbles
    meat (depending on a sort) 150-300 rubbles/kg

    2) metro in moscow costs 380 rubbles for 10 rides (better to but at least 10 coz it's cheaper)
    3) theatre (not ballet/opera) starts at a price of a. 250 rubbles
    Bolshoy Theatre (ballet and some operas) starts with 2000 rubbles.
    cinema (depending on a place) will be a. 250 rubbles.
    4) night clubs: if no concert there should be no entrance fee.
    russian beer starts with at least 75 rubbles for one bottle.
    foreign 150 and higher.
    spirits are very expensive.
    5) a bit of positive : lot of cheap museums!!
    be careful: sometimes the point is not to show that you are foreign (some places oficially charge 3-4 times more).

    good luck!

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    Re: Cost of Living in St. Petersburg

    Thank you for your kind reply! I have decided (somewhat contingent on a few final pieces of information) to come to St. Petersburg, likely this November, and stay for nine months or so to study at SPbGU. I'm quite looking forward to it, and the information I've gotten on the cost of living sounds very manageable.


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