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Thread: Cost of food...and more.

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    Cost of food...and more.

    I'm wondering how much a week food will cost me in Moscow. Say, eating at a moderately priced restaurant three times a week and eating at my apartment the rest of the time. Any ideas? I was in Moscow last Summer but ate mostly at restaurants. I'm trying to be a bit more thrifty this time around. Also, what about other expenses? Transporation, occasical museums, etc. Think it's possible to live on $50US a week?

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    Re: Cost of food...and more.

    Quote Originally Posted by pjhatala1
    Think it's possible to live on $50US a week?
    I was in SPb a month ago and my lunch costs about 200 rubles. European class restaurant lunch was cost about 1500 rubles per person. The hotel price is about 2500 rubles per person per night.
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    In Moscow the best deal at resturants is the "business lunch", usually about $6-$10 per person. Resturants tend to be overpriced in the center and you can buy two weeks worth of food at the renok for the cost of one person at a resturant.
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