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Thread: Best way to get a visa/invitation?

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    Best way to get a visa/invitation?

    New poster here! Woo!

    I've been learning Russian for about a year now, and I'd like to plan a trip to St. Petersburg around December and January for about two weeks (yes, I'm probably crazy).

    I've never traveled to Russia before. I know I need a visa and an invitation, but don't know the best way to obtain them.

    I'm a little nervous about simply doing a web search for Russian visa services. I simply don't know which sites to trust, and which ones to avoid.

    I'm an American citizen who currently resides in America.

    I do not live in a city with a consulate or embassy.

    What's the best way to get a visa or invitation? What organizations can I trust, and which ones should I stay away from?


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    Re: Best way to get a visa/invitation?

    What about a tourist agency?

    They will do all in one:
    - Tourist's visa
    - Air tickets
    - Hotel reservation
    - etc, ...
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    Re: Best way to get a visa/invitation?

    I've used them for every visa except my student one. They provide you with the invitation and get you the visa and even register you once you're in Russia. I've used them in both the US and the UK. It really doesn't get any more one stop shopping than that.

    As for hotels, I'm sure you can find something online. in st.petersburg the Nevskiy group is pretty good. I've stayed in three of their hotels. They operate at least 5 right in the center of SPB and the prices, as far as I remember are pretty decent. Shouldn't be more than 100 bucks a night. Jan is a great time to go. Its very pretty in the winter.

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