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Thread: Teach Yourself?? Anyone???

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    Smile Teach Yourself?? Anyone???

    Hi everyone...
    I've been learning russian for some time now and I would advise anyone who is starting to begin with the Teach Yourself Russian books. I have found these books so helpfull... I know they dont sound that good but I genuinely think that I was very lucky to have found this course. Has anyone else started with these books??.. or am I the only one? I think that it is important, should you decide to do this course, that you start with a low level like one or two which focuses mainly on vocabualary and pronunciation. The higher levels do get more complicated but you are prepared for it. The books also come with cd's with conversations and dialogues... I am currently halfway through level 4 and only have 2 more levels left!! Thanks to teach yourself I'm able to read and write the cryllic alphabet with ease and I have a wide range of vocabualary... I have bought the books on I hope that I find other people that have taken the same course as me and I would like to see what opinions you all have... I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have... Thanks...

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    I didn't start with these books, but I bought them to supplement my learning with Rosetta Stone. They have certainly been very helpful.

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