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Thread: Online course material at Princeton

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    Hi Pravit,
    Saw what you did at the site with "Про девочку Настю и злую Невидимку", and wow what a tremendous effort. I do not think it went to waste either as there were lots of interest and the discussions went 5 pages deep. However, it somehow stopped, maybe to take a breather. I am sure it is not dead and just need maybe a small update. Also I think there was no announcements or "sticky" where more people on this forum can see and know that such a thing exist. I admit that the forum is really active and as a result there are so much being discussed. I believe that not everyone is aware of the work you have started here.

    I saw it earlier, but thought that it was beyond my level of comprehension at that time, still is, and would get back to it once I have learned more Russian. Will print the lessons now and give it a go. Should I post questions on the story here, or at the ... sc&start=0 ?

    If you should start the "Penguin Group". and I am really hoping that you would, it would best be from ground 0 - absolute beginners, and then progress from there. A schedule of learning or time frame for each lesson would be good as well. And maybe later introduce the story you have over the other thread when you feel that we have learnt enough to understand and discuss it.

    I wonder if it would also be possible to persuade our MasterAdmin to allow us to post a sticky/announcement for this "Penguin Group"?...... should you decide to that the mission.......

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    What is it you are meaning with bourgeois pasttime? If filthy fascist reptiles invade Holland, who will fight for communist ideals? Who will pierce the black heart of fascism with the mighty blade of the worker's ideals? Fencers of all nations, unite!

    Ok, I'll stop.
    Army Anti-Strapjes
    Nay, mats jar tripes
    Jasper is my Tartan
    I am a trans-Jert spy
    Jerpty Samaritans
    Pijams are tyrants
    Jana Sperm Tit Arsy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasper May
    Who will pierce the black heart of fascism with the mighty blade of the worker's ideals? Fencers of all nations, unite!
    Ura! A stirring defence, Mr. May.

    (My favored weapon is the sabre, by the way. Epee is okay, but foil is for wussies. With a sabre, you can not only pierce the black heart of fascism, but also slash at its grasping outstretched hands, you know.)

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