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Thread: a more intelligent "where to begin?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by WishMaster
    Quote Originally Posted by Them
    Tell me some good pop russian songs i can download. (i already have rasputin + tetris)
    rasputin+tetris - what is this?
    Not the best examples of 'Russian pop' songs that usualy crop up when you search for 'Russian' in a P2P file sharing program...
    The latter is an intrumental and the first has English lyrics.

    I think the downloads on this site are fairly new:
    Please correct any Russian language mistakes I make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basurero
    TETRIS??? Not the game tetris??? Ahhh, the great many hours I have spent playing tetris when I should have been learning Russian.... навсегда... тетрис у меня будет жить в сердце...

    Кстати, я услышал, что русский выдумал эту чудесную электронную игру.... круто!
    The MUSIC is stuck in my head FOREVER!
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