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Thread: I need some practice Cyrillic cursive sheets

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    I need some practice Cyrillic cursive sheets

    I am learning my Alphabet now and am practicing my cursive and print handwriting, I believe that that some basic Practice sheets like a person would get in the 1st grade would be very helpful. actually what I would like to find is an open source of teaching aides, I have looked and have not found anything that i can download and print. It is all on web pages . I am just looking for things formatted like a teacher would hand you in class, that is it.

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    You can try google, just type in "прописи". You can try both web and picture search.
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    Very detailed sheets in pdf file (73 pages), separate letters only, no words:
    Download pdf (right click, save as..)

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    I'm looking for the same thing. I'm teaching my oldest daughter Russian and I need something like that to help her with her handwriting. Russian is my First Langauge and i can't believe i do not have any of my old books from elemenatry school that she could use. My wife is German and she has sevral books in to teach a German speaking person Russian. I want an English-Russian workbook for her.

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