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Thread: Help with "Advanced" Russian and my experiences

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    Help with "Advanced" Russian and my experiences

    Well, relatively advanced Russian.

    Hi guys. My name is Christine and I am trying to learn Russian. I was born and raised in the USA, so English is my native tongue, but I also grew up speaking Polish. My mother is Polish. We still live together and communicate in Polish on a daily basis. Obviously, this has given me an extreme advantage in learning Russian. So much of an advantage and I still have trouble understanding Russian grammar. I honestly feel bad for anyone trying to learn a slavic language without any prior experience in them.

    Anyway. I don't know if anyone has heard of Michel Thomas and his language courses, but honestly, I think they're amazing for beginners. I bought the entire Spanish and Russian courses. Its basically recordings of a teacher with 2 students, learning. As if bits of a tutoring session were recorded, with added time for you to answer what is asked. I finished all 18 hrs or something like that of that course. Then I moved on to Pimsleur, which I see quite a few people like. If i had not done the Michel Thomas course before the Pimsleur, I would have been struggling through it. The Michel Thomas method explains many grammatical and structural...phenomena. So when you do Pimsleur after it, its almost like practicing what you've been taught. I'd suggest these two courses in this order to anyone. And I am currently almost done with Pimsleur 3. This is why I came here.

    I don't know what course to do after I finish Pimsleur 3. I was thinking Rosetta Stone but many people complain its not "functional." Right now what I need to learn the most is that difficult stuff like specific endings to nouns and adjectives, and grammar, such as why sometimes it is necessary to refer to "one" and not "you." Although I speak Polish and it makes it easier for me to catch on and speak Russian, I never learned Polish grammar as a kid. I strictly learned from conversation from my family and my mother. I know everything basically out of memorization.

    So does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking in enrolling in Community College Russian courses, as my university doesn't have any. But also, I am a little cramped for time right now. Beauty of Michel Thomas and Pimsleur is I can listen to them in my car for usually 1 hour or more a day. But honestly, right now I am open to anything!!!


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    Re: Help with "Advanced" Russian and my experiences

    You can talk to me with ICQ (328 671 641) because i attempt learn English. It's very good practice.

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    Re: Help with "Advanced" Russian and my experiences

    I recommend downloading these podcasts along with the dialog.

    And these too.
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