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Thread: For grammar: Princeton vs. New Penguin?

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    For grammar: Princeton vs. New Penguin?

    I think I'll take the advice to mix Pimsleur in with my Princeton lessons. As for grammar, will Princeton take me far enough or should I invest time in a book like the New Penguin Russian Course? I, for one, prefer studying and reading from my computer screen versus a book. I've seen others who hate the fact that Princeton is in PDF's. I'm actually attracted to that.

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    The Nicholas Brown/Penguin book is the best self-study book out there so far as I know.

    I guess the thing to keep in mind is to balance your language skills. You want to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening. At the beginner level Pimsleur is wonderful for those last two. Any book or website (or any other written material) can help you practice reading.

    Do make sure to do some writing practice. Use SOME course and do all the exercises. It is good practice to even just copy some of the sentences from your texts to give you practice in spelling correctly.

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