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    I'm 16, American, and learning german and rusian at the same time. I'm in 2nd year german in school and I've been learning russian at home in my spare time for 4 days. Its not that hard but I seem to be having trouble finding the basics of russian, like verbs/verb forms and everyday conversational stuff. I know the russian pronouns. Since it was so easy to learn in german I expect to have an easy time with russian after getting past the new alphabet, which I have almost mastered. Just want some help with the basics before I immmerse myself in the language. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Although I hate to see posts go unanswered, it would help to know what exactly you needed help in, what you are using to learn, what you're aiming for, etc. And although you may have found your school's second-year German class easy, Russian is in many ways much more difficult for an English-speaker to learn than German. Trust me, I know.

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