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Thread: Confusing lessons

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    Confusing lessons

    Error in "Cases of Russian nouns"

    First of all, I don't understand whether the changes that occur at the end of a noun, do they affect the subject or the object. Secondly, except for the nominative case, you should provide the nominative form of nouns and their meaning as well. Like this goes for the second example (the river) on the same page:

    Nominative: река (ree-kah) = river

    This way, we can understand which addition or subtraction of the ending letter(s) we have to do. Like I kow here that I have to remove a vowel at the end and add an И. What if the last is a consonant?

    Secondly, I don't understand the Russian sample texts on the page "Russian Personal Pronouns". English trans;ation of all may do.

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    Re: Confusing lessons

    Quote Originally Posted by penguinhead
    Like I kow here that I have to remove a vowel at the end and add an И. What if the last is a consonant?
    river - рекá
    rivers - рéки
    But the ending is not always -и (there are also -а, -ы and others). And it is not enough to know if the last is a consonant or a vowel, sometimes you have to add a suffix to make the plural form, sometimes the stress changes, sometimes the vowel in the root changes, in some cases the last consonant changes. Some words have more than one plural form. So it's not that simple (if the vowel, than ..., if the consonant than ...).
    I would recommend you to get a grammar book (and there you'll find much information on this topic, we cannot post all this information here). But before you get it you can read something like this:
    There are tables with the plural endings there and explanations of some nuances.
    or this:
    But that's not all.
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    Re: Confusing lessons

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaya
    I would recommend you to get a grammar book
    I highly recommend The New Penguin Russian Course,
    Пожалуйста, исправляйте мои ошибки.

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