I've attempted to register the user of 'guice' a few days ago, but due to a problem with the network my email was stored on, I never recieved any verification emails.

I've attempted to send an email to you, MasterAdmin, but in two attempts I didn't get any reply first the first one on Monday and I the email I tried today bounced back with 'masterrussian.com' domain unknown. Don't know why, but for my email server, resolving 'masterrussion.com' seems to be hit and miss.

I did read the rules and seen the part about registering multiple nicks. I attempted to contact you to fix my 'guice' account, but I was unable to. My attempts to make a post on the forums failed as it seems registration is required to post in any topic.

If at all possible, could you just delete this account and activate my 'guice' account? It's using the email address I wish to use for these forums.