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Thread: Getting logged off after 5 minutes

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    Getting logged off after 5 minutes

    I can't stay logged into the site for more that a couple of minutes. If I log in then come back in 5 mins. I'm already logged off.
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    Does anybody else have this problem?
    My account stays logged in all the time.

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    I am having this problem as well. It will log me out almost as soon as I click to a different tab. Have not timed it though. I search before for a setting and did not see one so I just figured that was how the new system worked.

    Sidebar....when I read it on my phone last night (well very early this morning) I was NOT logged in and this thread came up as new posts. I tried to log in on my cell and it would not let me. I tried 3 times and it kept saying my password was not correct. I don't think I was that asleep to type it wrong three times. When I came on the PC now and logged in and went to new posts & what's new, this thread was not listed. I had to search for it. I have my settings for 2 weeks of posts.
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