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Thread: Transcripts of Putin in 60 Minutes

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    Transcripts of Putin in 60 Minutes

    Interesting reading of Putin and his defence of democracy in Russia
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    Pretty good interview, although wallace makes a ton of geralizations probably solely to piss of putin to make the interview more exciting for viewers.

    Putin had some pretty good explanations for issues like the regional governor appointments. I'm kind of surprised that wallace didnt bring up Ukraine or Kyrgystan and only mentioned the Baltics.

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    I was surprised at how Wallace ask questions to Pres. Putin. I can sense a great deal of arrogance and misunderstanding of the issue on the side of Wallace. I think that Americans should stop for a while and think how they are dealing with the world. Its a typical American thing. I dunno but I think Americans should start thinking about their diplomatic relationship with other countries. I have nothing against any American's personally but their behavior is starting to piss off most countries. Its about the leaders they elect and the behavior they are stressing to others. Mr. Wallace should understand that all these social evils and dillemas are existing in every countries of shape and sizes in different forms. Bribery and corruption is also very existent in our country as well as in theirs so what is the problem. I think that the education of the future should focus on the international understanding among nations and their cultures to avoid misinterpretation in manners and actions of other the people in other countries.
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