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Thread: Current time?

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    Current time?

    Dearest Master Admin....

    When one signs in, the current time displays for where one is located correct?

    If so, how does the system handle Daylight Saving Time (which began for most of U.S. on March 8; but, for London & Russia not until March 29) ? Does it understand which areas follow daylight saving time and which ones don't?

    As the system is now not correct for me. It is showing an hour earlier than it really is for me.

    Please explain Oh Great One.

    I only speak two languages, English and bad English.
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    Re: Current time?

    computers are programmed to switch time by one hour on two specified days of the year. Some computers have not been told that the days when DST kicks in or out are no longer what they used to be. Wait a couple-three weeks and the time will eventually be correct. (Mine is an hour behind too (N.Carolina).

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