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Thread: The perils of learning Cyrillic...

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    The perils of learning Cyrillic...

    Every time I walk past a "Toys R Us" store, I think "toys ya us?"

    Every time I see Nine Inch Nails' logo, I think "Nine Inch EEails?"

    I also sometimes mistake English uppercase H with Cyrillic Н, and read it like an "N".
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    Actually that happens a lot to me, in a serious pathological way, I often have that problem with russian since I've never needed to be able to pronounce or listen russian (I just "read" it) It seems that I have made new kinds of reading russian, I actually remember the word... but the sound I remember it's pure spanish reading, "язык" would be for me: Rebik" I dont even know the real pronunciation! Actually I write lots of russian words like that, just wrong: "het" "cepre" etc etc, It makes sence only for me... I NEED TO STOP DOING THAT, and since I noticed that I decided to come here.

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