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Thread: An Overheard police conversation.

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    An Overheard police conversation.

    I pulled traffic on this cat, got him at like 15 over, when I walked up to the car, already knowing that this was the bank owners kid, I ask for his DL and Inssurance and he says to me, "Do you know who my father is?" My response was, "Why, don't you?"
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    That's as bad as something that happened to a friend of mine in dispatch. She received a call one night because the lady wasn't exactly sure who to call, but the lady had reached into the side of her chair to retreive the remote control. Her hand got stuck and she couldn't pull it out.

    My friend sighed. "Ma'am....have you tried letting go of the remote?"

    On another call that my friend took, someone else wanted to press charges on their neighbor for "definition of character." I think they still have that call on tape.

    Sometimes I don't think people where I live need help as much as they need helmets.

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