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Thread: Pronunciation Experiment!! I need your help! It'll be interesting!!

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    Pronunciation Experiment!! I need your help! It'll be interesting!!

    Hello people!

    My name's Elena. I'm Russian.
    I'm studying in the university and I'll be a cross-cultural communication specialist and a linguist.

    Now I'm preparing my course paper.
    I should analyse how foreigners (whose native language is English) pronounce Russian text. So, I need to collect records with pronunciations and analyse it. And I will be very happy, if you, who study Russian, can help me with my experiment!

    All you need are:

    1. You must know Russian pronunciation rules.
    2. You must be able to read a text and reс it and send it to me. Also there is a form to fill in. - this is a form and an experimental text in the google docs!

    also you can download this doc. here (it will be more comfortable, because you need to fill this form and send me back) - Form & Text.doc скачать с Файлы@Mail.Ru

    Please, fill this Form and send it and your recording me back on

    And thanks in advance! it's really will be a great help for me!!! and it's very very important!! The fact is it's very very hard to find English people, who study Russian (

    Can't wait your answers!!
    Hope you all can help me!

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    Check your email for my recording.


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    Too bad I'm Swedish, or I could had help

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