Hello. I have a Russian friend, who is not that person who should be on my list of people which approved to socialize with (for the mental health).
I search: Someone who's ready to help in exchange for the same services.

Objective. Help me to have 3 way conversation with my friend (I will be talking to -> YOU and you will be talking -> my friend and inversely). Your responsibilities will be to get information from my old friend by contacting him on behalf on me (in Russian) and translating this info back to me (in your English) by filtering not necessary for me information.

Would really appreciate your help. And here's no any requirements language level. I want some intermediary buddy today (for future visitors of my topic: contact me even later if this topic will be outdated, because I plan to do this kind of amusement on the regular basis).
In exchange I would be glad to provide the same service for you (I can contact with some friend of yours to filter your socializing for you).

I will be glad if you will use this contact details to reach me: info at earlfox dot com; Skype: earl.fox