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Thread: Сегодня pronunciation

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    Сегодня pronunciation

    Yes, I'm listening to Pimsleur Russian and they are using this word. How do you say it? I swear the word is pronounced se-vod-nya. Like that's what I was hearing every time until I found a post on this forum that lists all the terms and saw how it was spelled. There is no way that's a g. None. Is this a particular case where things are said differently than they are written? Like if you offered me $50,000 to tell you what that consonant was, I would tell you it was v. I know sometimes things are spelled differently than they are pronounced. But with each speaker in the course it sounds like a v. Potentially a b, but definitely not a g. Like there is no way in the world they are saying it with a g sound. I want to make sure I'm saying it right.

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    If you have read on the Genitive case, you know that the 'г' in adjectives' genitive endings is pronounced as a 'в'. Сегодня is indeed pronounced "севодня"

    The word сегодня is made up of: сего [old word for 'this'] дня ['day'], both words in the genitive, from
    сей день

    This doesn't occur often; but always be on the lookout for words within words.

    The same сей is found in сейчас - this hour --- "now"

    This is why I would recommend an approach to learning that incorporates as many different sources as possible, because where one source lacks another will excel.
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