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Thread: Ukraine - society and politics

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    Ukraine - society and politics

    I'll venture posting this on master russian, because Ukraine (though it sldo has it's ownculture(s), which are probably great - though I don't know much about it, I must admit) must also be seen as part of the Russian cultural area, in my opinion.

    Ok, point is: I'm going to Ukraine, and I want to write as many freelance articles about the place as I can. Does anyone have links/tips about newspapers, organisations etc that might be useful for gathering info/contacts?

    I'm particularly interested in human rights groups, environmental groups and ethnic organisations. But general information-sites about Ukrainian politics/society, will of course also be great.

    PS: My Russian skills are only up to reading short texts, with a dictionary, so the sites will have to be available in English.

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    If you can't find any possible resources by doing an online search, you may try your nearest university library. You could do a search of their catalog to see if they hold any journals, books, or other publications that may have the information you're looking for--check not only in the body of the text, but also in the bibliography.

    If that doesn't work out, your best bet may be to wait until you get to the Ukraine and meet someone who can help you find the resources you're looking for.

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