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Thread: no choice for voters in Russia...

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    no choice for voters in Russia...

    ...but 'THEY DON'T GET IT!'

    The "Opposition" continue to prove they are disloyal to Russia and instead selfish opportunists loyal to external causes and agendas:

    Russian billionaire Prokhorov running for president calls for common currency with the EU - The Washington Post

    The problem with Putin is the ambiguity and not knowing exactly where he stands.

    Putin apparently gave mega-millions (ratio of 9 to 1 compared to investment in Russians) to the Chechen government. If you are skeptical, then look at this and ask yourself if it makes sense at all.

    Analysis: Chechnya: How did Putin's party win 99 percent? | Reuters

    BBC News - Hollywood stars fly in on Chechen leader's birthday
    "Ramzan Kadyrov is a strong supporter of the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin."

    Even some people assert the bombings and attacks were merely false flags for political purposes.

    There is NO ethics or integrity in Russia. This equals no choice and therefore, democracy is a failure and obviously, socialism/communism is also an inevitable failure. You have either pro-Kremlin sellouts or **(pro-US/Israeli/EU) Bankers** and **collaborators** wanting 'revolution' (same power brokers/CEOs more open to collaborating with global Elites and bankers).

    Too many foolish Russians and gutless to admit this problem? I asked two about it to speculate on it but they just ignore it like brainwashed, indoctrinated comrades that they are?!?

    Russians should demand the opportunity to abstain and not support any of the thieves and opportunists.

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    To be able to understand Russian psyche and Putin, this I can tell. Putin thinks like a spy. He was a former spy. He is good in what he was doing. He pulled several tricks for the CIA. Now the Russian psyche: they are just 'as wise as serpents and harmless as doves' the way Putin does..You don't stand in front of a hostile crowd of Chechens (not all Chechens are terrorists like their good leader) and challenge all of them to a duel. You're crazy if you do that. Putin was never ambiguous although he paid lip service to the positive discipline imposed by communist apparatchiks, he orally defended democratic capitalism as the only system that works..quote unquote...I had lived in Russia for 5 years, a constant visitor in the Russian embassy in Manila and a repository of Soviet aid channeled through a trade union, WFTU. I also have been studying Russian history consistently for 18 years.

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    I had lived in Russia for 5 years
    Have you ever studied Russian?
    How did you manage to live in Russia without Russian?

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    Son of member of diplomatic staff, military attache..

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