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Thread: Lithuania-Russia relationship

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    Lithuania-Russia relationship

    Sveiki, привет, hello,
    I just have a short question.
    Everyone knows that the Lithuania-Russia relationship is quite strained. I think the main reasons are the USSR and WWII. But nowadays there are two different countries and we should forget all the disagreements.
    I like Russia, try to learn your language, listen to your music and dream to visit Moscow/Saint Petersburg/Siberia/Caucasus. So I want to ask you, what do Russians think about Lithuanians? Can our relationship be better? Just don't lie

    Greetings from Lithuania.

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    Hi, LitBird.
    It's strange that nobody has replied yet. You know, Russia has strained relationships with almost every ex-Soviet republic, except Kazakhstan, Belarus and maybe Ukraine. And it's hard to forget all disagreements, when other countries try to blame Russia in all "soviet sins". Russia is not USSR. And WWII..well..I don't even want to write anything about WWII...
    Once our countries and people were good neighbours and friends, I hope we'll be in future. As for me, I like lithuanians. Have several mates of lithuanian origin, they are very nice people. Vilnius, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Palanga - it's a short list of cities I want to visit some day =)
    I wish you good luck in learning russian. I hope one day your dream will come true=)
    До свидания.

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    it doesn't help when you get thrown in jail for saying anything positive about the Soviet era.
    Кому - нары, кому - Канары.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sperk View Post
    it doesn't help when you get thrown in jail for saying anything positive about the Soviet era.
    Where are things like this taking place?

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