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Thread: Friendly gestures of the "genocide nation"

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    Friendly gestures of the "genocide nation"

    The Bosnian Serbs counted on Russia's support to gain independence. And they have made numerous, more than evident gestures of friendship. There is no visa regime with Russia, and Russian businesses feel at home in the republic. The Russian peacekeepers and residents of Tskhinvali can also thank the Republic of Serbia for Orkan missiles not being fired on South Ossetia in August.

    In October 2006, Georgia secretly held negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina to purchase Orkan missile systems, but the Serbs later broke the agreement. Shortly after, they prohibited the systems from being taken from the republic through the use of firepower and chasing away the Georgian helicopters. Another agreement with the Georgians was recently reported as being broken by the Serbs. Georgia planned to buy optics and 82- and 120-millimeter mortar launchers from the republic, and Bosnian instructors had even visited the country to partake to simulated combat.

    I spoke with Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Milorad Dodik about the issue, and he didn't hide his opinion of European politics today.

    "I'm the only politician in the region who unilaterally supported Russia's action and called Georgia's conduct 'aggression,'" he said. "The West, as they say in Russian, 'made a distinction without a difference,' and ended up fooling itself.

    It is sad that most politicians in west are working against Russia. They knew that the muslims and croats in Bosnia tried to sale weapons to Georgia and what its purpose was, and they supported it. Every true serb loves Russia.

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    Re: Friendly gestures of the "genocide nation"

    You must be this week's Serbian nationalist one-post wonder.

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