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Thread: The comparison of electoral system in Russia and the UK

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    The comparison of electoral system in Russia and the UK

    People in glasshouses..... | National News | British National Party
    The leader of the BNP Griffin was an observer at the last Duma elections in Russia. He writes his opnions.

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    Very interesting comparison. Britain is in fact, not very democratic at all. This is so well known that school children in other European countries know about it.

    I am not going to bang on about it in a forum about Russia, but, in light of the reasons listed at the site Marcus links to, plus some more not mentioned, I'd say the level of democracy in Russia is no worse than in the UK!

    However the points at which there are shortcomings and failings are rather different between Russia and the UK. It's more "in your face" when there is blatant cheating, as appears to be happening in some parts of Russia.
    But if you compare, I'd say you've got about as much chance to achieve any noticable change by voting in Russia, as you have in the UK.

    Additionally, there is a trend in Europe whereby the number of political parties with any influence is reducing in all countries... and the spectrum of political views are congregating slightly to the right of centre, with a hefty dose of politically correct doctrine thrown in where there used to be ideology.

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    Activists from various parties were shocked at the idea that violence could be used to intimidate the members of political parties.

    In reality, however, there is no way of finding out how an individual votes in Russian elections. This is because there are absolutely no serial numbers or identifying codes, thus ensuring that the ballot is indeed completely secret.

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