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Thread: Abkhazia and South Ossetia

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    Abkhazia and South Ossetia

    Both these places seem really charming.... (I have been viewing travel features on Russia Today).
    Has anyone been there? What do you know about them?

    Tragic how much destruction there has been there. The people seem nice.

    PS - see my travel blog for my report from Pridnestrovie republic which is a similar type of place between Ukraine and Moldova. It was very fascinating and exciting to visit there - I did not actually know that it existed and I suppose many other (non-Russian) people might not have heard of it either.

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    I have a friend who spends every his vacations in Abkhazia and don't want to go somewhere else. Also my mom was there a couple of years ago (in 2009, a year after Ossetian war) and she tells that Abkhazia is beautiful, but some infrastructure is still not rebuilt after 1993 war. On the other hand, South Ossetia is a tiny mafia enclave, I would not recommend to go there.
    Please, correct my mistakes, except for the cases I misspell something on purpose!

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    Yes Abkhazia seems interesting, and a cool place to have a beach holiday at some point in the future. I'll add it to my long list of Russian speaking places that I'd like to visit.

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