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    1) Talking about young children, I understand it's important to use the right word for young. Can someone please give more information about these words.

    молодёжный about how old?
    молодой older, about what age?

    2) follow a method - следовать способу
    Does this verb take the dative case?
    What about other meanings for this verb .... in English there is the literal meaning and more abstract meanings.

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    следовать кому-то - to follow anyone - yes it's dative
    следовать за кем-то - to follow after anyone - it's instrumental (I guess)

    молодёжный - I think (if we exclude the samples with someone who is 100 years old and calls the 60 years old man a boy or a youth)
    it means some age between 14 and 29.

    молодой is always approximate, but usually between his childhood and his late middle age.
    Я так думаю.

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    молодой means "young"
    молодёжный means "for young"
    In Russian, all nationalities and their corresponding languages start with a lower-case letter.

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