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    why is "минуточку" automatically in the accusative when telling someone to wait?

    Also "секундочку" etc...

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    It’s an ellipsis from «Подожди(те) минуточку» ‘wait a minute’.
    Please correct my English

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    Минута прошла. (nominative -- subject of intransitive verb пройти)
    A minute passed.

    Я провел минуту слушая грызение своей крысы, Рапунцели. (accusative -- direct object of transitive verb провести)
    I spent a minute listening to the gnawing of my rat, Rapunzel.

    (I only used this example because I think the phonetic correspondence between the noun крыса ("a rat") and the verb грызть ("to gnaw") is a delightful example of two words coming from the same onomatopoeic origin.)
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