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Thread: Technical: a switch opening and closing

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    Technical: a switch opening and closing

    I'm having a problem with the Russian terms for saying that a switch "opens" or "closes" in certain situations. A Google search on "выключатель закрывается" does not find any meaningful hits, so I'm wondering if the terms "открывать" and "закрывать" are used to describe the functions of a switch. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? What are the proper verbs to use when describing a switch opening or closing?

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    выключатель замыкается (closing) / выключатель размыкается (opening)

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    If you mean switch in electrotechnology, you'd better to use "ключ" instead of "выключатель": ключ замыкается/размыкается.
    My English isn't so good, зато с русским все в порядке ))
    I'll be very thankful, if you correct my mistakes.

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