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Thread: Russian Grammatical Dictionary

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    Russian Grammatical Dictionary

    When I started with Russian many years ago I wanted to buy a dictionary that has the whole information of Russia words. The dictionary should contains following features:

    Verbs: indication of aspect, all conjugated forms, use of prepositions etc.

    Nouns: all declensions and indication of genre. Also if the noun is animate or inanimate.

    Adjectives: whole declension, including large, short, comparative and superlative forms if any

    Numerals: Obviously how to decline them and how adjective and nouns change in combination with numbers.

    Prepositions: which case to use after them.

    UNFORTUNATELY, this was an illusion. I could not find any dictionary with all these features.

    Now, I have decided to create such a dictionary. It will be an online one. I feel confident to have the skills to programm it.

    Do you think that you would use such a dictionary? Please write your opinion about this issue and what would you like to have in it.

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Russian Grammatical Dictionary

    What about Wiktionary?

    Verb: бежать.
    Noun: словарь.
    Adjective: большой.
    Numeral: пять.
    Preposition: над.

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    Re: Russian Grammatical Dictionary

    Sounds very much useless. Why would you want to list *all* forms, including regular forms? It is enough to give irregular forms, and does the job already.

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    Re: Russian Grammatical Dictionary

    There is one textbook....but I have to find it in my closet first before I can tell you what it is called. I never used it! Be back later.

    You can always go to here:
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