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Thread: Perfective vs. budu

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    Perfective vs. budu

    I was wondering what is the difference between using the perfective form of the verb to form future and just adding budu to the infinitive? And is there any way someone can clearly explain the difference between the imperfective and perfective? I have the New Penguin book, and Ive gone over the section quite a few times, but its not like not hitting me! Thanks alot and somethings wrong with the keyboard so I cant type Russian

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    The link DDT has mentioned is a good start but you might need later to get a grammar book which will tell you much more about the difference with more examples.
    To make it short and simple, imperfective describes an action in general, an action in progress or an action with no reference of ending. Perfective describes an action that has been completed or that will be completed.
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    To expand on Spiderkat explanation:

    I will (verb) can be translated in two ways in russian:

    as perfective verb or as буду + imperfective verb.

    Which one depends on context. For aspects relating to future, use буду + imperfective when you are going to do something many times in the future, but perfective when you are going to do it only once.
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