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Thread: In order

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    In order

    Guys please help me with this sentence. Also do you know what type is this sentence (when there are two subjects but the first affects the action of the second one):
    "- My aunt (i.e. she is a jeweller) is trying hard, (in order) the ring to come from Italy as soon as possible"
    Is this this sentence wrong in case we omit the conjunction: "in order"?

    Моя тётя очень сильно старается, чтобы кольцо прибывало из Италии как можно быстрее.
    Чем больше слов, тем меньше они стоят.

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    - I guess you should have used for: "...trying hard (in order) for the ring to come..."
    - I guess you should have used "прибыло" instead of "прибывало" because the latter means repeating action in this context.
    - I guess you can't omit the "чтобы" unlike the "in order" in its English version.
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