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Thread: Instrumental case usage, unsure

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    Instrumental case usage, unsure

    The sentence I'm reading goes as follows:

    "за что их называли 'женский батальон' а сердюкова 'командиром женского батальона'"

    If both "женский батальон" and "командиром женского батальона" are being acted upon by the verb "называли" then why is one nominative and one instrumental? Shouldn't they be the same? It is like saying "Маша читал книгу, a Федор статьёй" I don't get it. Someone please help.

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    The verb называть allows both using the name in instrumental and citing the name as is (in nominative).

    их называли женским батальоном = их называли «женский батальон»
    Сердюкова называли командиром женского батальона = Сердюкова называли «командир женского батальона»

    In this sentence, they chose different forms for some reason, but it would also be OK if there were two instrumentals or two nominatives.
    Please correct my English

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