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Thread: "I prefer ..." - Я предпочитаю or Мне больше нравится

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    "I prefer ..." - Я предпочитаю or Мне больше нравится

    What is the proper way to say "I prefer ..."? I have seen "Я предпочитаю ..." in some books, but Pimsleur uses "Мне больше нравится ...". I suspect Pimsleur is incorrect, but want to make sure I am right.
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    re: "I prefer ..." - Я предпочитаю or Мне больше нравится

    Мне больше [s:3mdpd49p]нравиться[/s:3mdpd49p] нравится
    This is a mistake of an extremely common kind among native speakers.

    I suspect Pimsleur is incorrect
    Context is needed to answer this question.

    Sometimes you can not translate "I prefer ..." as "Мне больше нравится ..." and sometimes you can.
    The simplest context I can imagine (and which is likely to be used in Pimsleur):
    "I like apples. Do you?"
    "I prefer pears."
    In this case you can translate it both ways, "мне больше нравятся груши" being more informal.

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    re: "I prefer ..." - Я предпочитаю or Мне больше нравится

    It's probably about the same for the two languages

    I prefer ... я предпочитаю ...
    I like ... better мне больше нравится ...

    The first pair are more formal, the latter, colloquial.

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