FREE and ЗАБЕСПЛАТНО-- articles on THE VERB. (My dissertation was on Russian verbs, so I have an unusual interest that you may dismiss if the shoe doesn't fit.)

There may be currently only one other person here who might find some interest in these articles (I'm thinking of you, Throbert!) Anyway, from the AATSEEL listserv:

Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 12:29:57 +0100
From: Kjetil Rå Hauge <k.r.hauge@ILOS.UIO.NO>
Subject: Scando-Slavica thematic issue: The Russian verb

The editors of Scando-Slavica are happy to announce, not only that we have published a thematic issue on the Russian verb - aspect, tense, and mood, but also that the entire issue is available online *for free* from the publisher. Go to < >, where you will find the current issue, 57:2, and click also "Forthcoming articles" in the menu on the left for two articles that for lack of space had to go into issue 58:1.

The issue contains articles based on papers by the invited speakers at an international conference held at the Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg (< Welcome to the Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg! - The Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg >) on 27–30 May 2010.

Not only that - those who take an interest in Russian aspect, tense, and mood will in about a month’s time find several more articles based on papers given at this conference in the open-access e-journal _Oslo Studies in Language_: < >.

And if your interests lie elsewhere, Scando-Slavica is a multidisciplinary journal. Check "View all volumes and issues" at the site mentioned above, and here you can find out how to submit an article: < >.
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