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Thread: fill in the blank

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    fill in the blank

    Can someone help me with the following question? It seems to me that the answer is (a), but I didn't fully understand the sentence. How would you translate it?


    - Да, брат поехал с Аннушкой. Но как они разыщут его квартиру - _________ мы адреса его не знаем.

    a) ведь
    b) в силу того что
    c) а вместе с тем
    d) вдобавок
    e) сверх того

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    You're right. My translation is:
    Yes, brother went with Annushka. But how will they find his apartaments, we don't know his address.
    My English isn't so good, зато с русским все в порядке ))
    I'll be very thankful, if you correct my mistakes.

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    I would say "...we don't even know..." The word ведь has the same root with ведать - "to know" and it is used for making an emphasis to the fact - "you know, we don't know his address".
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    I'd go for answer A!

    it's comparable to turkish...

    "yine'de biz onun adresini bilmiyoruz".. (I'm a native tr speaker....but I only speak tr...write TR rarely as I live in Austria )
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    Good explanation JJ. I was tought that Ведь is like "you know" or "you see".
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