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Thread: Fantastic tool for helping to learn noun/adjective declensions

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    Fantastic tool for helping to learn noun/adjective declensions

    I discovered this the other day, really wish I'd discovered it earlier as I couldn't find any decent online tools to help me with my case endings.

    Learn Russian online: Test Russian cases, gender and plural of Russian nouns


    Learn Russian online: Test Russian adjectives (Cases, Gender, Comparative, Short version)

    At the moment I get around 75% correct on either test, so I still need to work on it. Just thought I'd share that here, as it could prove useful to anyone else who struggles with declension
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    Yeah, I have come across them too --- they are very good. I think MR should try to do something similar.

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    Да, хороший сайт и вроде бесплатный. Я запостила эти ссылки в подвешенную тему "Russian grammar".
    Спасибо, Demonic_Duck!
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