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Thread: The Dictionary of Immigrant's Russian Language

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    The Dictionary of Immigrant's Russian Language

    The Dictionary of Immigrant's Russian Language

    One of the most interesting aspects of immigrants from the former Soviet republics is that when they come to live abroad [to an English speaking country] their Russian mixes with English in such interesting ways that it deserves a separate discussion here. With your help, I am looking to compile a short Russian-English dictionary of immigrant's slang. The most stunning are those English words and phrases that are being pronounced in Russian phonetically and modified according to the Russian grammar rules. More straightforward are those "perls" (literally: перлы) that are simple English words said as if they are Russian, such as "карпет" instead of "ковёр". Some people even use English grammar when speaking Russian which makes them sound unnatural and I would like to cover that in the dictionary as well. Here are some of my observations.

    послайсать = тонко нарезать = to slice
    (e.g. in the grocery store: Вам колбасу послайсать или так?)

    взять экзит = свернуть с шоссе на второстепенную дорогу = to take an exit
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    салваж - битый автомобиль, купленный на аукционе
    буфей - buffet, шведский стол
    скупляться по сэйлу - покупать по распродаже
    иншуранец - страховка
    бенефиты - льготы
    трак - грузовик
    тракдрайвер - дальнобойщик
    бейбичка - ребенок дошкольного возраста
    стикшифт - ручная коробка передач
    засэйвать - сохранить документ
    гайсик - лицо мужского пола любого возраста

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    haha i recall this in Sweden aswell "slajsa" (to slice) pretty sure i have heard it here!
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    I think it depends on where you are... there is probly slang that russains (Former SSR peeps) use in my neighborhood that 10 miles from here they wouldn't use.

    And I know quite a bit but can't remember anything useful as of now.
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