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Thread: Стожна? Call of Duty?!

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    Стожна? Call of Duty?!

    OK I have searched Google, and every dictionary I can get my hands on. Perhaps I am just spelling it wrong, but normally Google would help offset that...

    Anyway, the Russians yell this in Call of Duty, and it has been bugging me for a long time, that I cannot figure out what it is?

    Any ideas? I spelled it phonetically, I believe

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    "Осторожно!" The word literally means "Carefully", but can be used like "Watch out!" in English or "¡Cuidado!" in Spanish.

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    Don't try to translate everything you see in games/movies. They often use "ЫВываывдарыдрварырдра"(C OD), "Нет перевода"(Splinter cell: conv.), "А теперь освободите небеса" (WIC's intro), even wright "Я" like "R" and "С" mirrored

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