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Thread: Zen Master

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    Zen Master

    The word мастер переводится по другому на русском
    Чем больше слов, тем меньше они стоят.

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    In russian word "мастер" was shifted in meanings from "a man in charge of an organization or group" to "a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity".
    That is it could mean "a man in charge of an workroom in factory" in 1/10 cases, but primarily it was used for "a skilled workman/sportsman/hobbyist" in 9/10 cases.
    However in last decades (because of movies and books about martial arts and so on) "мастер" as "spiritual leader" or "leader of the group practicing something in monasteries" (usually from eastern culture) appeared in russian too.
    So, you can say "дзен-мастер" and this will be ok. Note that this differs from "мастер дзена" which is "skilled zen practitioner".
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    I think I miss something. In old times "zen master" most likely will be translated as "учитель (teacher) дзена". Note that russian 'мастер' in all cases above has nothing common with "owner/lord/ruler/governor".
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