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Thread: Master Russian.Net is the greates for leaning

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    Master Russian.Net is the greates for leaning

    I have been visiting sites to learn Russian but this site is the most helpful to me. I have started increasing in my ability. I therefore encourage anybody who is interested in learning Russian at his comfort home to take this site seriously. Master Russian. Net is the best. I am from Nigerian University with thanks to Master Russian.Net more of my friends will soon join.

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    Re: Master Russian Site is the greates for leaning

    Nigeria. Nice. Tell me, when can I expect my money? I sent the 100 dollars that were requested, but haven't heard a thing since...

    All joking aside, it's nice that you like it here. The forum seems kind of dead, but if it helps you, good for you.
    "мужчина в самом рассвете сил"

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    Re: Master Russian.Net is the greates for leaning

    Forum is not that dead!
    "...Важно, чтобы форум оставался местом, объединяющим людей, для которых интересны русский язык и культура. ..." - MasterАdmin (из переписки)

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