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Thread: you're gonna love this XD

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    you're gonna love this XD

    I need to know what this russian kid is saying, both in English and and in Russian (translation and transcription)

    From 0:25 - 0:30

    thank you for helping, I really need this.

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    Re: you're gonna love this XD

    It's very very rude words... VERY RUDE!.

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    Re: you're gonna love this XD

    Not very rude.
    They are saying in russian and, parhaps, some phrases in Hebrew.
    In russian:
    -Бляяя. Ты лох!
    -А ты лошара, понял, бля!"
    -Сам ты лошара!
    -Бестолковый ман....сос! (my poor ears! )

    And goes on in Hebrew.
    p.s. It's very difficult to translate, many only russian rude words it has. But I will try:

    -What a fuck! You are dupe!
    -While you are dupeable, anderstand, fuck!
    -You are another!
    -Stupid ...

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