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Thread: Is your phone locked to a network?

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    Is your phone locked to a network?

    To clarify the meaning - I'm talking about when your phone is locked to one network provider and you cannot use a SIM card from another provider without first 'unlocking' your phone. To do this you usually have to obtain (possibly for a fee) an unlock code from the original provider. I assume that the same system exists in Russia? And, in this case, how would I say "Is your phone locked [to a network]?" and "You need to unlock your phone"?

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    It's unusual form of contract with service provider in Russia (phone+credit+inalienable sim). I heard they want to make it common, but, as far as I see, it is not. I do not know anyone with this form of contract.
    I even do not know exact term. Probably it is "телефон привязан к провайдеру".
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    Как мне кажется, 'locked' может означать отсутствие доступа к сети; оповещения могут формулироваться, например, так: 'нет доступа к сети', 'нет подключения' или что-то типа этого; в то время как 'unlock' может означать 'установить доступ', 'подключить сеть' (if I understand correctly)

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